R.A.M.B.O. Horizon upgrade kit


RAMBO is a software & hardware package specially designed for HORIZON ramdisks in your TI99/4A expansion box.

The standard Horizon is designed mainly to be a ramdisk, with >4000 based RAM (TI99 DSR space), a 6K DSR for ROS_8, & 2K RAM pages to allow easy reading & writing of sectors. This is fine for ramdisk operations, but using the Horizon memory for other applications was found by many software developers including OPA to be too difficult.

But now, OPA in co-operation with BUD MILLS SERVICES has broken this barrier in the Horizon world by designing a combination of a 1″*1″ PCBoard containing a complex PAL, & the new ROS_8, all easily installed in any Horizon ramdisk model. Using ROS_8, you can easily partion the on-board memory between RAMDISK and PROGRAM space.

Combined use of this new PROGRAM space, a function of RAMBO, and ROS_8, allows new, larger and more powerful programs to use the partitioned Horizon memory in a format better designed for direct Assembly use or execution.

(A programmers’ development package for RAMBO, is described elsewhere on this website).

RAMBO comes complete with:

ROS v8.14 and RAMBO Manual
ROS v8.14 and RAMBO Manual ยป Post
Version: 8.14
1.6 MiB

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