RAMOS was written as an updated MENU program to replace the common used BOOT program supplied with ROS v8.14 software for the Horizon RAMDISK.

But RAMOS is totally 100% new Assembly Code, produced with the help at time of the 9T9 Assembly SIG from the 9T9 Toronto Users Group, and it makes use of not just large RAMDISK’s, but also fully supports HFDC and full 16 banks of GROM Cartridges like the POP-Cart and other large GRAM devices, plus of course 80-column mode.

Again this program has been recently been recovered, thanks in part of some ex-OPA employees saving TI99 stuff for no reason, and as such we are now working on updating to support Nano-PEB and CF7+ usage and plan to make it one of our ‘public’ releases later on this year as part of our 30th birthday party event.

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