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When John Johnson released ROS_7, it soon became standard for HORIZONs, offering more features than before & was the most compatible problem-free ROS ever; but unforeseen problems and limitations were found as new devices like V9938 upgrades, hard drives, and larger Horizons appeared. A new series became imperative when OPA released RAMBO. In co-operation with BUD MILLS SERVICES work began on a more powerful ROS package. A new operating system supporting all HORIZON models compatible with over thirty different devices was not an easy task, and many of the initial users had more problems, but now we are pleased to say with ROS_8.14, users report compatibility with all devices, except the RAVE memory expansion.

The ROS_8.14 package includes:

> Complete 30 page User Operating Manual, covering CFG, ROS, MENU, TST, and RAMBO.

> ConFiGure program allows you to load/save the ROS, partition memory between 1 to 10 uniquely numbered/lettered ram-disks and RAMBO space, change fonts, set colors, and setup custom calls.

> Ram-Operating System when loaded via CFG, controls your Horizon to interface and look completely like a floppy drive to your system.

> JJ’s boot-up MENU program allows you on power-up and exit from any program to:

  • catalog disks
  • view/delete files
  • access custom calls
  • run programs from the 24-item changeable menu
  • or directly from a ramdisk catalog of its files

> OPA’s Horizon TeSTer program,is a high-speed and thorough board tester for all HORIZONs. It detects most all possible hardware failures in memory storage & support control.


ROS v8.14 and RAMBO Manual
ROS v8.14 and RAMBO Manual
Version: 8.14
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