Son Of a Board

S. O. B.










This internal plug-in 2″*2″ PCBoard with a 16K EPROM and two ASICs, allows you to replace GROMs 0 & 1 in your TI console with OPA’s own fully licensed operating system featuring among other things:

> 100% compatible with 99/4A operating system, and expanded on from the original licensed source files from TEXAS INSTRUMENTS themselves.

> Updated to be compatible with all existing and future V9938/58 devices including of course our own O.P.A.’s TIM (TI-IMAGE-MAKER).

> TRUE LOWER-CASE character set added to all your existing modules and programs.

> 4K MICRO-MANAGER designed by OPA and fully written in GPL for cataloging all floppy, ramdisk, hard drives devices & from the catalog:

  • delete, view files & run Assembly, Object, Forth, or c99 programs or launch various modules installed on your TI99 via cartridge port.

> Capable of auto-loading a disk-based program or a newly expanded system on power-up.


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