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TI-IMAGE-MAKER is an internal console expansion board designed to be installed in your TI99/4A with a few simple tools.

TINY-TIM (as some have nick-named it) upgrades your current TMS9918 video display processor to the latest state-of-the-art & fully compatible V9958 processor.

This processor is also compatible with the V9938 used in other existing upgrades for your TI99 console.

OPA used state-of-the-art CAD/CAE designing & top design engineers to bring you the best video upgrade for the TI in the smallest most compatible package possible.

The PCBoard containing the V9958, 192K of VRAM, a special ASIC device, a 25-pin monitor/expansion port for future video devices like digitizers, GENlock, etc. & the analog RGB video driver circuitry, has all been installed on a compacted 4″*3″ layout.

TINY-TIM comes complete with:-

  • Step-By-Step User Installation Guide.
  • Recommended RGB monitor guide, with detailed specs and pin-outs for many different monitors to ease in interfacing TIM to your RGB monitor.
  • Graphic demos displaying the power of TIM and the new Yamaha V9958 processor with its huge 192K of video RAM.
  • Our owm GIF file viewer supporting the V9958.
  • Three disks packed with fairware software which support the V9938/58 chips.

Also included with TINY-TIM is the S.O.B. (an operating system replacement) & after reading over the in-depth review of the V9958 processor pasted below, we are sure you will find that TIM is the best thing ever for your TI-99/4a console.


Version: 1.0
1.1 MiB

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