RAMOS was written as an updated MENU program to replace the common used BOOT program supplied with ROS v8.14 software for the Horizon RAMDISK. But RAMOS is totally 100% new Assembly Code, produced with the help at time of the 9T9 Assembly SIG from the 9T9 Toronto Users Group, and it makes use of not just large RAMDISK’s, but also fully supports HFDC and full 16 banks of GROM Cartridges like the POP-Cart and other large GRAM devices, plus of course 80-column mode. Again this program has been recently been recovered, thanks in part of some ex-OPA employees saving TI99

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    BOOK-KEEPER was written in ’92 by OPA and uses the RAMBO program space to store the large amount of ‘accounting data’ that is now possible to sort, usage, and edit because of larger amount of memory space, and it also support 80-colunm text for much better viewing of your ‘general ledger’ The program was never officially released commercially, but recently thanks in part of some ex-OPA employees saving TI99 stuff for no reason, we been able to recover most of this wonderful program, and plan to make it one of our ‘public’ releases later on this year as part of

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  • GMTA

    OVERVIEW Back in 1992, the founders of OPA join forces with a newly formed company called NIT New & Improved Technologies Inc. to start ground-breaking “Research & Development” on a series of new Kiosk-based embedded products which were originally designed to help further revolutionize the current computer era at the time and help bring technology forward into the 21st century. In the end, after three long years of back-breaking R&D, OPA and NIT were finally able to announce the first three solid applications that were tested in the field of their jointly developed “GMTA Technology”, each of which ended up

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    RECALLIT, was originally a simple Name and Address lister, but is fast becoming a powerful database. Using the RAMBO PROGRAM SPACE from 8K to 512K it can store up to 4000 records, each with 10 defined fields. Searching for strings can be done in any field combination. A variety of printouts from labels to two- columns are supported. Re-indexing by any field is possible. Like other 2001 softwape it has easy-to-learn menus, all contained in a 100% Assembly program. An amazing thing about RECALLIT combined with RAMBO is the ZERO-TIME sorter, you will never have to wait.

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    DISKODEX makes up master catalogs of your disks, and allows you to print, update, delete, sort, and display any of your files/disks. DISKODEX has the feature of storing file comments that DISK UTILITIES by John Birdwell uses, allowing better catalogs. Even though it stores more information than other programs it runs faster, using every gram of TI power. You can search in any combination of prefixes, suffixes, and wildcards in any field combination. As it has easy-to-learn menus, you probably won’t need the comprehensive manual. These and other great features are contained in a cohesive 100% Assembly program fitting well

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  • TASS


    TRI-ARTIST-SLIDE-SHOW, enables you to produce a professional full-color or B/W slide show of TI-ARTIST, GRAPHX, DRAW-A-BIT II, and DRAW-N-PLOT files. Functions allow for a different “per picture delay” per drive and start, forward, pause, reverse, and stop operations: also capable of left, right, up, down flips, conversion into any of the above file formats plus TRUE-RLE, and printing to color printers. The best feature:- TASS can load in a full-color picture without destroying the current screen display; this feature produces a real slide show.

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