O-P-A (Oasis Pensive Abacutors) Public Release AVPC Source Code Original Coded from 1988 – 1993 Release Done on May 24th, 2014 Long Live The TI99/4A & GENEVE The Dijit Systems Advanced Video Processor Card (AVPC) was an 80 Column card that fit into the PEB. Along with a suitable RGB monitor turned the TI-99/4A console into a 80 Column device. For More Info on this card please see here: http://www.mainbyte.com/ti99/hardware/peb/avpc.html There was only one problem the original TI99 Operating System on powerup writes the registers in such a way that it was incompatible with the new register setup of the

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  • TI Image Maker


    T.I.M.               TI-IMAGE-MAKER is an internal console expansion board designed to be installed in your TI99/4A with a few simple tools. TINY-TIM (as some have nick-named it) upgrades your current TMS9918 video display processor to the latest state-of-the-art & fully compatible V9958 processor. This processor is also compatible with the V9938 used in other existing upgrades for your TI99 console. OPA used state-of-the-art CAD/CAE designing & top design engineers to bring you the best video upgrade for the TI in the smallest most compatible package possible. The PCBoard containing the V9958, 192K of VRAM,

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  • Son Of a Board


    S. O. B.                   This internal plug-in 2″*2″ PCBoard with a 16K EPROM and two ASICs, allows you to replace GROMs 0 & 1 in your TI console with OPA’s own fully licensed operating system featuring among other things: > 100% compatible with 99/4A operating system, and expanded on from the original licensed source files from TEXAS INSTRUMENTS themselves. > Updated to be compatible with all existing and future V9938/58 devices including of course our own O.P.A.’s TIM (TI-IMAGE-MAKER). > TRUE LOWER-CASE character set added to all your existing modules and programs.

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    R.A.M.B.O. Horizon upgrade kit RAMBO is a software & hardware package specially designed for HORIZON ramdisks in your TI99/4A expansion box. The standard Horizon is designed mainly to be a ramdisk, with >4000 based RAM (TI99 DSR space), a 6K DSR for ROS_8, & 2K RAM pages to allow easy reading & writing of sectors. This is fine for ramdisk operations, but using the Horizon memory for other applications was found by many software developers including OPA to be too difficult. But now, OPA in co-operation with BUD MILLS SERVICES has broken this barrier in the Horizon world by designing

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  • ROS 8.14


    HORIZON ROS_8 SERIES When John Johnson released ROS_7, it soon became standard for HORIZONs, offering more features than before & was the most compatible problem-free ROS ever; but unforeseen problems and limitations were found as new devices like V9938 upgrades, hard drives, and larger Horizons appeared. A new series became imperative when OPA released RAMBO. In co-operation with BUD MILLS SERVICES work began on a more powerful ROS package. A new operating system supporting all HORIZON models compatible with over thirty different devices was not an easy task, and many of the initial users had more problems, but now we

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    Better and more fun than the original classic board game. Play against up to four opponents, or against the computer for a challenging game using the built-in 8,000+ dictionary. This program was originally going to be released in cartridge format by TEXAS INSTRUMENTS but never done so, and with the help of OPA we got the license rights to it and now talented programming members of 9T9 Assembly SIG help expanded the dictionary and correct the existing bugs, and expanded the computer logic to make the game better and recoded slow GPL sections into pure Assembly code, and there was

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  • Brain Buster

    Makes those brain busting puzzles containing up to 60 words in any of eight directions. Displays and prints both the answer and puzzle. Input your own words. Or use the 12,000+ dictionary. This is another unique 100% Assembly program produced back in years ’91 to ’93 and written by the 9T9 Assembly SIG which was part of the 9T9 Users Group, located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and in which O.P.A. was lead teacher in helping members learn, from the ground up, powerful and correct programming techniques for the TI in both ASSEMBLY and GPL.

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  • Saturday Night BINGO

    Perfect for BINGO, your TI calls out the numbers, prints the cards, and checks BINGOs. Automatic or manual operation Complete with SPEECH and graphics This is one of first programs produced back in April ’91 and written by the 9T9 Assembly SIG which was part of the 9T9 Users Group, located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and in which O.P.A. was lead teacher in helping members learn, from the ground up, powerful and correct programming techniques for the TI in both ASSEMBLY and GPL.

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  • Phoenix 2001 Series


    The PHOENIX 2001 software started in 1988 is a line of superior programs designed to have enough power and usefulness to help the TI live past year 2001. Reaching this goal means understanding how quickly programs can become outdated therefore we study our software, listing what customers want added, and when possible mailing out free updates. When you buy a program from us, you are getting a subscription to these updates. This does not mean our programs need to be updated a lot. Many have not changed since they were first released, because we do spend time and effort on

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    RAMOS was written as an updated MENU program to replace the common used BOOT program supplied with ROS v8.14 software for the Horizon RAMDISK. But RAMOS is totally 100% new Assembly Code, produced with the help at time of the 9T9 Assembly SIG from the 9T9 Toronto Users Group, and it makes use of not just large RAMDISK’s, but also fully supports HFDC and full 16 banks of GROM Cartridges like the POP-Cart and other large GRAM devices, plus of course 80-column mode. Again this program has been recently been recovered, thanks in part of some ex-OPA employees saving TI99

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